Outdoor seating at Cunard Tavern?

…We want it too!

We are putting our full effort behind bringing outdoor seating to our patrons along the frontage of Cunard Tavern along the sidewalk of Orleans Street. But we need YOUR help in order to make it happen. Our official hearing with the Boston Zoning Board of Appeals is Tuesday, September 17th at Boston City Hall and every letter of support we can bring with us to that hearing helps our case. Patron support means everything!

How can you submit a letter of support? It’s as simple as filling out the form below. (*All fields are required.) On the back-end, we will print out all submissions and bring the full stack with us as proof that outdoor seating is wanted by the people!

Please also remember to share this page and help spread the word. Every letter counts.

Questions? Please email info@cunardtavern.com.

Submit Your Letter of Support

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To Whom it May Concern:

I am writing this letter in support of the proposal for outdoor seating being submitted by Cunard Tavern to the Boston Zoning Board of Appeals.

I, as a resident of XXX, am confidant that outdoor seating would prove to be a positive addition to the East Boston / Jeffries Point area and I have no hesitations in recommending that this project move forward.